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    • The Following is the Official rules of Impulse Discord! please read  and follow them !  - no spamming , auto typers. - no advertising other websites or private servers. - no hate speech  to include racism, diseases ( cancer autism ) or extreme toxicity , and any topics 18+ unless in the  4 chan channel, however if it gets super out of hand I will clean up the chat. - no posing as staff / threatening to ban or mute players . -no scamming.
    • -Maximum of 3 accounts can be logged in -Multi-Logging at one boss isn't allowed and will be warned / Jailed if caught -Bug abusing will result in being Jailed. Bugs should be reported to higher staff members . If you are unsure if something is a bug, or gives an unfair advantage or rewards, it is safer to inform a staff member in case it is considered a bug. -Flaming or disrespecting players will not be tolerated -Real world trading or purchase of any 3rd party to gain an advantage is not allowed and will result in a account being banned -No trading OSRS gold for In game Gold, or Vise versa, no trading Impulse Gold for Real world money, OR  OSRS gold will be punishable -Staff Impersonation is not tolerated -Boosting pkp points is not allowed -Leeching Mini-Game points (MULTI-LOGING MINIGAMES), or Afking in a on going game is not allowed -Racism or religious remarks to player or staff will result in being muted -Encouraging other players to break rules will not be tolerated -Advertisement of any other Private Server will result in a instant account ban ( this also includes mentioning other server names ) -Safe Spotting is not allowed. Exceptions are if the npc can only hit with one attack style and protection prayers would stop all of the attacks. -Spamming in general chat or Help Clan Chat will result in a mute - Multi- Logging in Wilderness is Against the rules - Auto clickers, scripting software, botting software, or any third party software used to gain an advantage in the game or that causes disadvantages to other players or disturbance is not allowed. Video recording software is allowed. - Scamming players /  in any aspect of the game is not allowed -No account sharing of any kind. Either directly, through teamviewer or any other remote access. -Duels/ Dueling stakes must be done using the dueling screen to ensure that each player fairly wins the proper item , or must have valid proof of the rules of the duel and the proof of not being payed    -Staff members with the rank of  ADMIN or above  can not Duel / Stake /PK  / GAMBLE /  anywhere in the games, due to possibly having spawned items that was not earned, and they can not be entered into the eco... they are only allowed to participate in the ::ffa minigame! however.... if they have an ALT account  that does not have spawned items / or was given free items.   Please note that if any of these rules are broken then you can make a appeal by clicking "Submit a Appeal" and it will be dealt with by our staff team. Thank you  -Impulse Development Team THESE RULES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE! MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK OFTEN
    • Benefits of Donating     You can donate by clicking the 'STORE' link on the top of the client or going here DONATION       Donation Ranks   $10 - $49 - Sapphire Member $50 - $99 - Emerald Member $100 - $249 - Ruby Member $250 - $499 - Diamond Member $500 - $1000 - Dragonstone Member 1000+ we are adding a 'SPONSOR' rank,  that is currently in the works! as time goes on we will add more things         Description's     Sapphire Member   Access to a new Donator Island! where you can skill, and PVM all in one spot ! ::Dzone   Access to Donator shop 1 & 2 & 3   -Ability to use Healer NPC to restore stats  Special attack -Removes the 250k fee from decanter -1/26 chance of saving caskets  - chance of randomly receiving 3k coins while theiving  - 4 extra pest control points  and chance of receiving 2.5% more coins  - 1/26 chance of saving runes for the magic spell just casted  - 10% xp boost - 1/16 chance of saving crystal keys used on the chest  - 3%  drop boosts - 1/50 chance of getting extra boss points  - 30 second venge timer     Emerald Member   Access to Brand New Donator Cave ! ::Dcave   THIS SHOP IS FOR EMERALD MEMBERS ONLY, AND ITS COIN ONLY SHOP, SO YOU CAN BUY POTIONS AND FOOD AND EQUIPMENT TO BOSS IN THE CAVE!      - Access to Donator shop 1 & 2 & 3 - 1/40 chance of receiving  extra boss points per kill  - 1/13 chance of saving crystal key upon use  - 20% EXP boost  - 1/21 chance of saving runes when a spell is casted  - 8 extra Pest controll ponts , and a 5% coin reward boost  - chance at receiving 5k coins during theiving  - 30 second venge timer - 1/21 chance of saving caskets  - 6% drop boost  This cave is constantly updating and being changed!  Emerald Members have the opportunity to vote and change NPC'S montly if they'd like ! we want this cave to be the place to grind     Ruby Member       - Access to Donator shop 1 & 2 & 3 - Access to the two zones above and more ! - 1/30 chance of receiving  extra boss points per kill  - 1/10 chance of saving crystal key upon use  - 30% EXP boost  - 1/16 chance of saving runes when a spell is casted  - 12 extra Pest controll ponts , and a 7.5% coin reward boost  - chance at receiving 7.5k coins during theiving  - 27.5 second venge timer - 1/10 chance of saving caskets  - 10% drop boost  Also under construction, we are thinking about creating a specific location / cave where this Member Rank can kill bosses and obtain slayer XP , without having to have a slayer task! so its your own special slayer cave! with extra perks !      Diamond Member - Access to Donator shop 1 & 2 & 3 - Access to zones above and more zones currently in the works  - ::bank COMMAND - CUSTOM ::title - custom yell colors - 1/20 chance of receiving  extra boss points per kill  - 1/7 chance of saving crystal key upon use  - 40% EXP boost  - 1/11 chance of saving runes when a spell is casted  - 16 extra Pest controll ponts , and a 10% coin reward boost  - chance at receiving 10k coins during theiving  - 25 second venge timer - 1/7 chance of saving caskets  - 14% drop boost    Dragonstone Member - Access to Donator shop 1 & 2 & 3 - Access to zones above and more zones currently in the works  - ::bank COMMAND - CUSTOM ::title - custom yell colors - 1/10 chance of receiving  extra boss points per kill  - 1/4 chance of saving crystal key upon use  - 50% EXP boost  - 1/6 chance of saving runes when a spell is casted  - 20 extra Pest controll ponts , and a 12.5% coin reward boost  - chance at receiving 15k coins during theiving  - 20 second venge timer - 1/4 chance of saving caskets  - 18% drop boost    Donation Store   Within this store we have 10-20-50-100$ scrolls IF YOU BUY AN ITEM IN THIS STORE, WHILE YOU'RE IN GAME TYPE  ::CLAIM TO RECIEVE THE ITEM INSTANTLY we also have:   black phat 25M cash   full trickster   toxic blow pipe     vanguard     twisted bow     battle mage     donation box!       now this store can constantly be changing, like I mentioned before we will be adding that last rank of sponsor, and adding more items to the zone! check back constantly for updates and if you have any questions please ask a staff member!  --We are currently in the process of Buffing the Donator Member ranks, and coming out with constant updates, and special perks! so check back often ! thank you for your consideration! ----        
    • Our mission is to make you a quality community driven RSPS that matches your needs.     Your donations are a key factor to keeping our awesome server alive. Unlike other servers, all of your donations go to advertising and developing the content that you want! Your donations push our community forward and allow us to provide you with the best possible RSPS experience.     This is why we highly value you as a donator and reward you with exclusive privileges and membership. You receive a donator rank icon on our discord, forums, and in-game to distinguish yourself. Also, we etch your name into the honored Hall of Donators in-game. Furthermore, you get awesome in-game benefits in addition to the items you donate for.     We hope you consider supporting our mission and community and we thank you for playing Impulse! Awesome In-Game Benefits Help Support our Mission Sincerely, The Impulse team
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