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    • This skill is easy go home to explorer jack and buy a shovel and start digging around the server. You will find all kinds of things . 
    • Warding also has 3 levels on the first one use the fragments from divination on the  big obelisk ,on the 2nd level of warding use the fragments on the plant , on the 3rd level use the fragments on the warding machine .
    • You can also do the skill Divination to get fragments and money the fragments can be used to do warding , Divination has 3 levels you can go to and get more fragments and more money use the portals to travel to the next level 2nd level needs 81 divination 3rd level needs level 92 divination . 
    • For easy money chop the tree at home you get money instead of logs and you also get some xp also.    
    • Hey guys, please just use control + f to find whatever you need. I have labeled each picture with the clue scroll reading. There is additional information on how to get to the locations within the chatbox of the image. Hope this helps! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig somewhere in the edgeville bank --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig near the tele to get chaotics --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig somewhere on the middle of barrows \ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig near the first few crawling hands --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig in the area you might see fisherman --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig somewhere near the duel arena tele --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig somewhere near some chickens --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig near one of the slayer masters --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig near the fourth minigame teleport --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig near the mining guild teleport --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig in the cave of the giant bird --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig where players plant flowers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig somewhere at home2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dig near the king of dragons ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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